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Gingerboy likes to whet his whistle just as much as he enjoys chowing down-come join him for a drink and see where your night takes you.

We know our patrons are a higher class of Melbournian. We also know how much everyone enjoys a sneaky people-watch here or there (no judgment on your judgement) and it's so much easier to look down on people when you're physically above them.

Follow the neon sign and begin your ascent, grab a window seat and settle in at Gingerboy Upstairs, your new home away from home.

Whether youre looking for a wind-down wine after work, cocktails and snacks before the theatre, or you want to start your night off with a 'lil class before it gets to those real hours, Upstairs is the solution to every single problem in your life (yes, even that tap that keeps leaking. Trust.)


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