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Gingerboy likes to whet his whistle just as much as he enjoys chowing down-come join him for a drink and see where your night takes you.

Everyone knows Melbourne is the people-watching captial, and there's no better way to have a sneaky peak at some of our cities' most interesting than being loftily tucked away (no judgment on your judgement)-all with a cocktail in hand, of course.

Follow the neon sign and begin your ascent, grab a window seat and settle in at Gingerboy Upstairs, your new home away from home.

Whether youre looking for a wind-down wine after work, cocktails and snacks pre-theatre, or you want to start your night off with a 'lil class before it gets to those real hours, Upstairs is the solution to every single problem in your life (yes, even that tap that keeps leaking. Trust.)



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