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Gingerboy's First Ever Pop Up!

Posted: 02 January 2018 By Gingerboy

IMG: Broadsheet Melbourne-Gareth Sobey / Brooke James

LISTEN UP GINGERBOYS & GIRLS: At this year's Australian Open you'll be able to find Gingerboy at his first ever pop-up! 🎾

GB will be hanging out at the free AO Festival precinct-grab some dumplings,chicken ribs and a pork bun, and settle in on a blanket to watch the game on the big screen.

As told to Broadsheet, Chef Teage says "Gingerboy food is southeast Asian so I think it fits well with the summer temperature...I’m really excited to do something different with Gingerboy. Not just for the Melbourne public but also the internationals.”

The Candian Club Raquet Club will be right next door, so you'll never have to miss a moment while you watch the greats work up a sweat.

The AO Festival runs from 15-28 January, including Australia Day. Find GB top left of the map.

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