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Free Birthday Bottles!

Posted: 28 July 2017 By Gingerboy

You shouldn't have to buy your own birthday drinks, so the first bottle's on Gingerboy!

Once you pass a certain age, getting asked for ID is a welcomed compliment. And if it comes with a free drink too-well, that’s just icing on the proverbial cake!

If you visit Gingerboy on a Sunday within 2 weeks of your birthday, just flash us some proof and your table gets a free bottle of bubbles to share. Hip-hip hooray!

Terms and Conditions

  • Your birthday can fall on any day, but offer can only be redeemed on a Sunday
  • 2 weeks is inclusive of the week before and after birthdate (7 days either side)
  • Supporting identification verifying the birthdate will be requested in order to redeem
  • One bottle per booking; cannot redeem more than once regardless of the number of birthdays on the same table
  • Valid from Sunday the 6th of August '17. Promotion may be concluded at the venue's discretion.
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