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MFWF: Neon Jungle

Posted: 11 January 2017 By Gingerboy

Sick of the city? Gingerboy's got the next best thing to a tropical holiday.

Gingerboy is no stranger to a party, but this time it’s personal – he’s turning ten – and doing what he does best – throwing a big ol’ hawker-style bash. Crossley Street will be transformed from the laneway we all know and love into a lush neon jungle, taking cues from the bustling hawker markets that first inspired him over a decade ago.

With the party flowing out from Gingerboy into the lane, you'll be able to get your food & wine fix from our chefs cooking it hawker-style out on the street if you feel like exercising those gams, or simply sit down inside the jungle-disco dining room and let Gingerboy bring the food to you. 

There's plenty of space to max and relax, with the familiar concrete of Crossley being swept under the literal rug of grass and plants. There'll be a DJ pumping beats into the night, a palm reader (get it) and a photobooth so you can remind everyone on Instagram how much more fun you've been having than them.

Food will be luxe street bites and free-flowing, with a jungle punch cocktail on arrival and a few sneaky wines to keep you going through the night. So all you need to do is jump over to MFWF, grab your tickets and get prepped to chill under the balmy April skies.

5th April, 2017, 6-9PM
Stand-up event with limited indoor and outdoor seating
Unlimited luxe street food
2 Tanqueray cocktails + 2 Range Life wines (or beers) included + cash bar
Tickets are super limited and Gingerboy really wants to spend his official birthday with you, so jump on it.

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