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Get Lucky this New Years Eve!

Posted: 16 November 2016 By Gingerboy

Join Gingerboy to say goodbye, farewell and sayonara to 2016. Great fortunes await you in 2017* (*if you spend NYE with Gingerboy-sorry, he doesn't make the rules, just enforces them.)

Have you been the recipient of what feels like never-ending misfortune this year? Gingerboy's here to put an end to that, with his Super Lucky New Years!!

Great fortunes await you at both our NYE sittings, with joy and blessings bursting from each bite of our 6 and 8-course banquet menus.

To ensure a prosperous 2017, a cocktail will be bestowed upon all-just don't blame Gingerboy if prosperity doesn't commence until 2nd January.

Don't risk another year of heartache and bad luck-download the menu below + book now!

On that note-if you were planning on visiting Gingerboy over the holidays, you might want to know when he's in the building!

24-27 December closed
28-31 December dinner only (from 5.30PM)
1-2 January closed
3 January dinner only (from 5.30PM)
4 January normal trading resumes


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