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Did Someone Say Bottomless Chandon?

Posted: 04 November 2016 By Gingerboy

Gingerboy doesn't roll out of bed for just anything on a Sunday (in fact, not once for the past 10 years) so you know this will be worth an early rise from you too.

What are you doing on a usual Sunday? Washing the car? Cleaning the bathroom? Wishing for death after a larger-than-necessary Saturday?

We're sorry to break it to you, but these are all a waste of a perfectly carefree Sunday. Sure, your partner might have threatened you with a break up after you left the sink full of dishes one too many times, but that can wait until tomorrow. Today, it's Sunday. You have 12, maybe 14 good hours of consciousness before you're required back at work. Are you going to waste that doing stuff around the house and saving your relationship? Didn't think so.

For $35 (in addition to the $63 for the equally important 11 banquet courses, but let's not split hairs here) you get bottomless mimosas. Bottomless Bellinis. Bottomless Chandon. You yourself may end up bottomless-who knows. It's Sunday with a Chandon free pour, so leave any expectations at the door.

If you take your foodie status seriously, or simply want a break from the ordinary this weekend (how else are you meant to make your Instagram followers jealous?), it's time to get Big Bottom(less).

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