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It's the Big 1-0!

Posted: 12 October 2016 By Gingerboy

This month marks Gingerboy's 10th birthday (which is practically 100 in restaurant years!)

Gingerboy is one of those annoying 'birthday week/month/year' types, so he's kicking it off with some low-key bubbles for everyone joining him on the auspicious date, before giving you his version of mum's embarrassing birthday slideshow for Good Food Month, and finally going out with a big birthday bang early next year (watch this space!)

Birthday Drinks-26th October
Not that Gingerboy needs an excuse to dole out the Chandon (Big Bottom(less) Sundays have proven that much), but if there's one true excuse, it's a birthday. Gingerboy's got some pretty big things lined up down the track, but he'd love it if you joined him for a complimentary glass with dinner to mark the date on Wednesday 26th of October. 

Good Food Month-23rd November
Since Gingerboy plans on being fashionably late to his own birthday party, he figured a little retrospective was in order first. We’ve let your feet do the voting, selecting the menu from our most popular dishes of the past 10 years. 

With our menu changing seasonally, this is the perfect opportunity to revisit old favourites (as well as meet some new ones). Gingerboy’s 10-year history will be captured in 10 different courses, spanning small delights like our famous son in law eggs through to the larger sharing plates we’ve become known for (plus a cheeky Gingerboy cocktail and cookbook as well!)

Update: This event is sold out! To join the waitlist please give us a call on (03) 9662 4200 or email

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