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Big Bottom(less) Sundays

Posted: 03 August 2016 By Gingerboy

Come September, for the first time in 10 years Gingerboy is getting out of bed on a Sunday (and he's not doing it quietly either.)

While Gingerboy is a fan of keeping his produce and proteins as local as possible, he takes his inspiration from all around the world. And one thing he couldn't figure out was why he couldn't find a good bottomless lunch anywhere in Melbourne. So he decided to start his own.

Taking cues from the beloved bottomless concept you find dotting every corner in L.A. and New York, each Sunday Gingerboy will be dishing up duck and dumplings (plus so much more), whilst topping up your tipple with bottomless mimosas, yuzu bellinis, and Chandon sparkling!

We're kicking off on Father's Day, so for the launch we've thrown in some bottomless beer for dad too. It's going to be a busy one, so get in dad's good books and make a reservation here!

If you'd like the chance to score a Big Bottom(less) Sunday on Gingerboy's dime, simply jump over to his Instagram, tag a mate on that post and both be following the account. Gingerboy will make it worth your while to stick around-we'll be announcing lots more giveaways and events, and you'll always be first in the know about sneaky specials.

Please note that the date of competition redemption is subject to availability.

See you September 4!
XOXO Gingerboy

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