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Mother's Day

Posted: 19 April 2016 By Gingerboy

Join us for a special Sunday lunch and celebrate your Mum this Mother’s Day at Gingerboy

Indulge in a 4 course banquet menu featuring some of our favourite South East Asian inspired dishes.

When: Sunday May 8th, from 12pm.

What: A four-course banquet menu.

How Much: $85 per person with beverages charged on consumption.

Reservations: Book online here, or call one of our friendly team on (03) 9662 4200.

mother's day banquet menu

tempura coffin bay oysters, prik nam pla, salmon roe
coconut cured kingfish, pickled daikon, finger lime, wonton crisps
scallop and osietra caviar sui mai, chilli XO

harpuka baked in banana leaf, tamarind shrimp dressing, gingerboy slaw

red duck curry, thai basil, coconut cream, crispy fried sweet corn cakes

MS7 wagyu striploin, red braised mushroom hor fun, garlic jam and black bean pepper sauce
steamed jasmine rice

gingerboy dessert share plate


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