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The Australian Financial Review Australia's Top Restaurants | Chef Gingerboy

Posted: 24 March 2016 By Gingerboy

This evening we will introduce to you, Nicholas Boyle, our incredibly talented, recently acquired Head Chef. He will be designing a menu of all of his favourites, showcasing his exciting vision for Gingerboy’s menu in the future to come.

As a part of The Australian Finacial Review's Top Restaurants of Australia program, you will be taken on a culinary adventure throughout South East Asia, experiencing new and novel flavours. Bold, spicy and unique, Nicholas will be revealing many wonderful dishes to you!

Last year we took you back in time on a journey of our classic dishes, a little more retrospective. Now we focus on what lies ahead.. Nicholas has an amazing vision, and you will get to be one of the lucky few to be privy to a menu boasting all of these tempting dishes.

Beautiful fresh seafood, premium cuts of meat, sumptuous curries, herbs, spices and seasonal vegetables galore.

We are honoured to have Nicholas as our Head Chef. He will be in the spotlight, revealing to you, all of the amazing things he can do.

When: Wednesday May 11th from 6pm

What: A handcrafted five-course banquet menu

How Much: $98 per person, with beverages charged on consumption

Reservations: Book online here, or call one of the team on (03) 9662 4200

It will be a fun and interactive evening, presenting a specially designed menu of novel creations and fresh ideas. 

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