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Gingerboy in The Age Good Food Guide - 2016

Posted: 03 September 2015 By Gingerboy

The team at Gingerboy have received some lovely reviews from the Good Food Guide over the years. Here are the more recent write-ups...

14.5 / 20 (2016) The Age Good Food Guide

Getting on for a decade young, Gingerboy's red neon glow remains undimmed. The restaurant's cave-like interior, dimly lit and lined glossy black bamboo, is as seductive to passers-by as to diners within. The neat, portioned menu skims south-east Asia for textural hawker stall delights that trumpet excellence with their refinement...Noise levels can be high, but it's memories of the theatrical atmosphere that will linger.

14.5 / 20 (2015) The Age Good Food Guide

Gingerboy buzzes with energy. It's a samll, dark and glamourous lair which flashes of colour offset a gleaming black palette, and the flavours of Asia's sout-east create an adventure playground for the kitchen. Teage Ezard and his team here understand the nuance and power of the mysterious cuisine. Start small and share: maybe a crisp fried rice paper rolls dense with crab and shiitake mushrooms to be dunked in feisty nam jim, or delicate swordfish tataki bathed in a creamy coconut and turmeric dressing. Next the sweetness of mango soothes an incendiary 'crying tiger' salad of rare beef. It's an intoxicating beginning. Larger dishes include silken tofu with punchy black vinegar dressing and crisp Asian coleslaw or a just-set chunk of baked blue cod flavoured with pungent tamarind and shrimp dressing. A mango and lime aprfait with shredded chilli caramel and crunchy rice crisps continues the vibe: fun, colourful, memorable.

14.5 / 20 (2014) The Age Good Food Guide

Gingerboy has a futuristic glamour about it, like fine dining Blade Runner-style. Transparent plastic chairs and a gleaming black bamboo wall with fairy lights set the scene for a spunky, sparky dining experience. Waitstaff are informed and savvy, guiding you through the menu, a modern, invogorated riff on seasonal, south-east Asian hawker food. Whole son-in-law eggs, with crisp skin and a slick of chilli jam, burst in your mouth with a great flavour meld, while oxtail pot-sticker dumplings are tender and flaky on the inside. Steamed char siu pork buns are airy, doughy discs layered with pickled cucumber; an unassuming side of fresh Asian cress with sesame ponzu dressing, spiked with beanshoots and coriander, is the kind of thing you want to eat by the handful. Larger share plates include whole baked snapper and red duck curry. There's a dessert share plate if you're struggling to choose between the likes of banana fritters and passionfruit parfait.

Drinks Expansive wine list, select beers and a clutch of Thai-inspired cocktails

14.5 / 20 (2013) The Age Good Food Guide

Although it touts itself as a hawker style Asian eatery, you’re unlikely to find such chic surroundings in the alleyways of Bangkok, even if the pace can be as frenetic and the noise levels as high. The black bamboo-clad walls, efficient staff and funky soundtrack are the backdrop to chef Leigh Power’s share-plates small and large, from the fragrant to the fiery – though some may find the latter too timid. Choose from such offerings as crisp prawns atop betel leaves with avocado and a tangy lime aioli, a feisty smashed papaya salad or, on the larger side, perfectly roasted ocean trout with a smoked ginger and lemongrass dressing. An aromatic duck-leg red curry comes with a side of nuggetty fried corn cakes to mop up the sauce. Desserts include tweaks on the traditional, such as banana fitters with cinnamon icecream, or the more adventurous coconut and chilli chocolate ‘splice’ with water chestnuts.

Drinks Globe-traversing list with lesser-known labels and decent by-the-glass options; quirky Asian-inspired cocktails.

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