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  • Teage's Christmas Tips

    02 December 2016 By Teage Ezard

    Ever wondered what Christmas day is like at home with Chef Teage? Read on!

  • Whole fried baby snapper with vegetable jungle curry - The Recipe

    02 April 2015 By Gingerboy

    This dish is one of the Gingerboy signatures. It is fragrant and traditional. The sweetness of the snapper is perfect to balance the heat of this curry. Fresh, healthy and tasty - a beautiful meal to prepare at home.

  • Classic Recipe: The ezard open Wagyu beef burger

    09 January 2015 By Ezard

    There is nothing quite like a tender and juicy burger, made with the best quality produce. The ezard Wagyu beef burger was once a signature dish on our menu for many reasons. It is the ultimate sophisticated burger that will impress!

  • Classic Recipe: Steamed mulloway with mushrooms, soy-mirin broth and XO sauce

    19 November 2014 By Ezard

    This is a very delicate dish we serve at ezard regularly. Mulloway, sometimes sold as sea bass or Suzuki sea bass, is a great fish to steam. It is not as flavoursome as European sea bass, but the texture is similar. Substitute whiting or sea perch if you can’t find mulloway. The fish is served in just a small amount of broth and topped with XO sauce. Green vegetables such as peas, beans and asparagus can be used instead of mushrooms if preferred.

  • Broken Chicken and Jellyfish Salad - The Recipe

    23 October 2014 By Gingerboy

    Spring is here and we are very happy about that! In the mood of all things sprouting with vitality we thought we would give you all a seasonally suitable salad recipe that is one of our favourites. Colour, and texture with fresh bursts of flavour, this one is a must-try.

  • Dark chocolate tofu cheesecake with chilli cherry jelly

    27 August 2014 By Gingerboy

    This dessert was on the Gingerboy menu back in 2010 and was a great hit with the customers. It is a nice, rich, silky and smooth textured chocolate cheesecake with a sour cherry jelly on top which complements the cheesecake really well. This dessert is a great way to finish a meal if you’re a fan of chocolate.

  • The BIG three: The most loved Gingerboy cocktails

    27 August 2014 By Gingerboy

    If you have ever been a guest at Gingerboy, you will be familiar with our cocktail list. The three cocktails below have starred on our list from day dot, and have become legendary in the minds of many of our regular clientele.

  • The Son In Law Egg

    18 June 2014 By Gingerboy

    This is a much loved Gingerboy signature, and one of those dishes you want to try at least once in your life. For nearly 8 years now we have been telling guests to "insert in one go" to avoid the exploding egg yolk..

  • Dumpling Recipe Image

    Steamed Prawn & Ginger Dumplings with Peanut Chilli Soy - The Recipe

    28 May 2014 By Gingerboy

    Create your own home-cooked version of what are some of our most delightful dumplings to ever grace Gingerboy

  • Life, Love and Lobster on Tuesdays

    17 April 2013 By Teage Ezard

    This is the recipe featured in Graeme Simsion’s international bestseller, The Rosie Project. The hero, Don Tillman, a genetics professor somewhere on the autism spectrum, has invented a “Standardised Meal System” to maximise quality and nutrition while minimising shopping time and waste. Tuesday evenings he cooks this crayfish, mango and avocado salad – and it’s what he has scheduled when the feisty and disorganised Rosie crashes his one-man dinner party.

  • Soy-cured ocean trout with turmeric and coconut caramel and pickled daikon

    12 March 2013 By Gingerboy

    This dish has become a bit of a Gingerboy signature; the soy cures the trout nicely overnight. The dressing uses fresh turmeric, which adds great colour and flavour. You’ll need to start this recipe a day ahead to allow time for the trout to cure.

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