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Long Winter Lunch

Posted: 15 May 2017 By Ezard

EZARD continues it's tradition of offering a long winter lunch degustation, but this time around there's a few changes.

From 1st June to 1st September, EZARD will again be offering its perenially popular long winter lunch-an 8 course degustation for just $135.

If for some reason that's not enticing enough on it's own, it also makes for the perfect excuse to experience the new era of EZARD-subtle modern refurbishments complement the same service and serene basement environment that has made EZARD a fine dining icon since 1999.

Coupled with the acclaimed new menu crafted by Head Chef Jarrod Di Blasi (Good Food 'Young Chef of the Year' and MasterChef guest chef) under the guidance of Chef Teage Ezard, you'd be struggling to think of a reason not to visit. Afterall-it's EZARD, but not as you know it.

1st June-1st September
Mon-Fri, 12pm-2.30PM
8-course degustation at $135
Vegetarian/ vegan degustation at $105
Bookings reccomended

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