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Gingerboy: Creative Street Food - Book

Gingerboy: Creative Street Food - Book

By Teage Ezard & Chris Donnellan

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Soak up the atmosphere of Gingerboy on every page of this amazing book. On the cover, Gingerboy's iconic signage beckons you in from a dark city laneway. Open the book to find beautifully lit dishes oozing with flavour and style.

Creative Street Food covers the A-Z of Chef Teage Ezard's bold and unique approach to Asian cuisine; covering everything from small-plate favourites like son in law eggs; hero dishes such as whole fried fish; and of course, the unmissable cocktails and desserts that are worthy of a trip to Gingerboy alone.  

You won't find sexier, saucier, more sumptuous recipes anywhere. With its sizzling style, Gingerboy is a cookbook that will bring the buzzing streets of Asia into your kitchen.

Cookbook comes with durable, eco-friendly tote bag featuring the Gingerboy logo and dumpling design.

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