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Iconic Melbourne restaurant Gingerboy is renowned for its funky d├ęcor, Asian-inspired dishes and hip laneway location. Serving creative street food, based around plates for sharing, chef Teage Ezard takes a unique and bold approach to food of the region.

The dining experience at Gingerboy is centred on a modern Australian adaptation of hawker-style street food. The restaurant’s hustle and bustle is a sharp intersection of sophisticated New York dining culture, and the frenzy and buzz of Asian hawker markets.

Menus at Gingerboy are written according to the seasons. The approach over the colder months is to braise, steam and stew, using rich, deep flavours. Cooking in the warmer climate brings more refreshing, crisp, and vibrant flavours to the menu. We use each ingredient at the height of its flavour, colour, appearance and quality. This approach in our philosophy is the most significant, as it delivers consistently great dishes.



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